Mic Check: Death Cab for Cutie at the Plain Dealer Pavilion on Friday

"So this is what God does all day."
It took us a while to get “I Will Possess Your Heart,” the sprawling first single from Death Cab for Cutie’s new album, Narrow Stairs. But now that we understand its place within the CD, it sorta makes sense. It also helps that producer and guitar player Chris Walla explained it to us. Narrow Stairs is Death Cab’s toughest and most satisfying album. It may not pack the jolt of discovery that announced its breakthrough CD Transatlanticism. Rather, to quote the band, it’s the sound of settling. Stairs is a big, ambitious (and kinda familiar-sounding) record featuring singer-songwriter Ben Gibbard’s usual cast of stalkers, creeps, and lonely recluses. On its current tour, the band is focusing on its last three albums: Narrow Stairs, Plans, and Transatlanticism. --Michael Gallucci Death Cab for Cutie plays the Plain Dealer Pavilion (204 Sycamore) at 8 p.m. Friday, June 13. Tickets are $32.50, available by calling 216-241-5555. For a preview, listen to “Long Division” below.