The Lime Spider's Last Call. Sort of.

As C-Notes told you last month, The Lime Spider will officially close this Saturday. Of course, the formidable Akron indie rock hot spot won't be going out with out a bang. The line-up over the next three days is sure to please all musical palettes, beginning with the FREE Cash-a-thon tonight. Eleven different bands, including The Whiskey Daredevils and Jack Kidney of The Numbers Band fame, will each play a five-song set of, you guessed it, Cash covers. That's a whopping 55 country hits for exactly zero dollars. Then, on Friday, The Kissers, an Irish band hailing from where else but Madison, Wisconsin, will be throwing down their Celtic-influenced rock, a perfect accompaniment to your Irish car bombs and shots of Jameson. The Pogues-influenced shenanigans will be nicely off set by DJ Forrest Getemgump's Smoking Soul night on the patio, where you're guaranteed to sweat out all that Bass you consumed downstairs. Finally, Saturday's final Lime Spider show is a perfectly balanced line-up of acts that have frequently graced the club's stage. While Interfuse will bring the hardcore, Radar Secret Service promises some indie rock musings, just before sweaty roots-rockers, The Patrick Sweany Band put the stage to bed forever. Also a free show, DJ Forrest will be signing off with his final set of Smokin' Soul. But save some your liver for later - the Lime Spider will be reopening in the fall as the Lockview Lounge, says owner Danny Basone. While the stage will be long gone, the wide selection of beers, wines, and high-end liquor will still remain. -- Denise Grollmus