Public Square: Your Food Critic Was Right about Chain Seafood Joints

I see you have taken a beating about your Fish Tales article. We were at a McCormick and Schmick in Seattle a few years ago and enjoyed it even though it was just bar food. I do see your point about the influx of chain restaurants in this area. It kind of disgusts me. I would much rather spend my money locally. Don't get me wrong, there are a few -- and I do mean a few -- chains that I don't mind going to, but prefer putting my money in the local economy. We spend a ton of money going out and my wife likes Chammps. I'm a sports nut so I don't mind going.... at least until last time, when we were charged $1.99 for a tonic and $2.99 for a Coke. And they wanted me to buy bottled water for $3. How funny. The nickel and diming is what I hate most about chains. I also see your point about huge menus. How is it possible to have all that fish be fresh? Maybe I'll try, maybe I won't. Dean Rocky River