Last Call in the Money Round

This video from Last Call Cleveland, the local comedy troupe, is one of six finalists in TBS's "Funny or Not" contest. If the guys win, they get 10 grand, the video gets shown on TBS, and I have yet another thing to blog about that requires little more than watching videos on the internet. Needless to say, I am urging you to vote for them. Yes, I suppose you could watch all the videos, gauge which makes you laugh the hardest, and vote for that one. But you could also watch six football teams, see which one plays in the style most pleasing to your eye, and root for that one. But you don't. You watch the Browns, or whatever your home team is, no matter how much they suck. So be a homer, dammit, and vote for their video, "Carpenter Son." They'll buy you a beer.* -- Joe P. Tone (*This blogger has no authority whatsoever to pledge free beer on behalf of Last Call Cleveland.)