Kill Bill: Meet the man who'll make you (even more) ashamed to be a Browns fan

Maria Vargas, an ex-pat from Pittsburgh and huge Steelers fan, was sick and tired of the name-calling, the beer-throwing, and the taunting of Browns fans. All she wanted was a little peace and quiet and a few fellow Steelers fans to watch the games with. Was that too much to ask? Well, of course it was. But who knew it would be this bad? A few weeks ago, Vargas started a meet-up group for Cleveland-based Steelers fans. She posted a listing online and immediately found many enthusiastic compatriots. She also, unfortunately, found Bill, a 50-something Browns fan, whose main occupation, it seemed, was to hunt and taunt Steelers fans. “I want to be there with you to see the Steelers first loss,” he threatened. (How was that anyway, Bill?) Vargas, an officially designated Very Nice Girl™, decided she didn’t want a very un-nice man in her Steelers group, so she politely kicked his loser ass out. Thus began weeks of e-mail stalking. “I believe that we are still in America, at least I hope we are," wrote Bill, whose America membership card was actually revoked around the time he started e-taunting 105 pound women. "How rude for you to remove me from this group," he wrote in another email. "I bet you are too chicken to allow the entire group to even know what you have done. I bet you did this to others. Rather sick! Go back to peetown,” he wrote in another. Then, despite pleas from his 75-year-old mother to "get off the damn typewriter and get a damn job," Bill professed to know the owner of every bar she’d planned on watching the game at. “You are not welcome here,” he informed her, which is ironic, since Bill is no doubt unwelcome everywhere he ever goes. “I feel like I’m in the middle of a bad soap opera,” Vargas complains. But it seems Bill is not discriminatory in who he chooses to badger. At last note, members of a local Bengals group were complaining about a Browns-loving, pre-school taunting presence on their site. Thankfully, we at Scene are now onto Bill’s moves. This week, we'll be monitoring the Oakland Raiders site, looking for Bill, the only man in the world who can make us feel bad for these guys: raiders%20fans.jpg -- Rebecca Meiser