Mike G's Picks, Featuring Genesis, the Lips, and One Darn Sad Exhibit

Gensis plays the Q Saturday.
This weekend’s top arts and entertainment picks around town, from the guy who’s paid to pick them: Friday: We realize you probably don’t want to start off your weekend by looking at the Maltz Museum’s new downer of an exhibit, Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race, but it’s one of the best displays to come to town all year. The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum loaned more than 500 artifacts to the Maltz – including photographs of murdered children, sharp instruments used to measure faces, and yellowed notes that detail some very sinister experiments. They all chronicle the Third Reich’s plans to eradicate European Jews more than 60 years ago through medical means. Saturday: Sure it’s a bummer that the big Genesis reunion tour doesn’t include Peter Gabriel dressing up like a giant flower. But there’s still plenty of prog-rock pretension in store, since the band is mostly playing 20-minute epics about trolls rather than Phil Collins’ wimp-rock ballads. They’re at the Q. Sunday: The Flaming Lips’ new DVD, U.F.O.s at the Zoo: The Legendary Concert in Oklahoma City, features staples like costumed fans dancing onstage, fake blood, and lots of confetti. It’s quite a trip and proof that the Lips are among the planet’s best live bands. You can see them tonight at the Agora. -- Michael Gallucci