A Porn Star Turned Doting Grandson

Lorain County native Ryan Niece concedes his move back home from L.A. has amounted to culture shock. You’d think the same -- if you were humping Hollywood by day and partying with pop tarts all night. Until four months ago, the 25-year-old Niece was living as “Brandon Hoover,” a gay-porn twink whose onscreen credits include supporting roles in Erec’s Little Shop of Porn and its sequel, Erec’s Little Shop of Fashion. In both flicks, a horny entrepreneur takes a roll in the aisles with all of his customers. As one of the store’s patrons, Niece demonstrates an oral-sex fixation that has earned him porn collectors’ respect as “the Hoover Vacuum” and a coveted spot in line into all of Tinseltown’s trendy nightclubs. “I’ve partied with Paris Hilton before,” he says. “Anna Nicole, too. But that was before she lost all the weight.” But Niece’s glitzy lifestyle crumbled in February, when his grandmother fell gravely ill. Like a good doting grandson, Niece packed up and moved back to Elyria, where he now helps his dad take care of Grandma in Avon Lake. To pay the the rent, he waits tables at a Ruby Tuesday in Sheffield Village. “One day, I’m partying with Anna Nicole. The next day, I’m waiting tables,” says Niece. “Pretty amazing, huh?” – Cris Glaser