Legally Bribed

The shock and awe our esteemed leaders are expressing over the recent bribery indictments against Vincent Carbone, president of the construction company R.P. Carbone, are a bit hard to swallow. So, Carbone and the architect Randall Gordon are accused of shelling out $600,000 in bribes to former Lorain County Commissioner Michael Ross and his pal, Larry Jones. And this is surprising, why? R. P. Carbone has raked in millions of dollars as construction manager for school building projects throughout the state. You expect us to believe that any company got that much dough from Columbus without greasing the wheels a little bit? Hmm, let's do the math. A quick check of public records shows that in the last election, Carbone and his relatives and employees gave at least $7,600 in campaign contributions to state officials. Most of it, coincidentally, went to Uncle Tom Blackwell. Carbone knows where his bread is buttered. And it ain't just in Lorain. — Lisa Rab