Swing State: The Film Fest doc that's got Lt. Governor Lee Fisher shirtless, and so much more

Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher takes it off in 'Swing State.'
In the years after he lost a bid to become governor in 1998, Ohio Lt. Governor Lee Fisher was itching to get back into politics. So when Ted Strickland asked Fisher to be his running mate in 2006 election, Fisher agreed, quitting his cushy non-profit job and making the campaign his new full-time career. At the time, Fisher’s son, Jason Zone Fisher, was a Syracuse University broadcast journalism student with no clue what he would do with his life. But when his dad decided to run, Jason -- who’d filmed the last 30 days of his dad’s failed gubernatorial campaign in 1998 -- realized he’d found the perfect way to delay entrance into the real world. So he and two friends decided to make a documentary of the last months of his dad’s campaign. ...