Cuyahoga county commissioners: You mean we don't have an endless supply of money to waste?

Tim Hagan offers up kids and old people to take the brunt of the county's belt-tightening.
King Jimmy Dimora and his Cuyahoga County commissioner pals have never been especially thrifty guys. They had no qualms about blowing more than $35 million on the Ameritrust complex, a collection of vacant, asbestos-filled buildings that they soon realized they couldn’t afford to rehab. And they’re eager to dole out $1.3 billion for a new Medical Mart and convention center — civic investment tools that have been failing in other cities for years. But now that they’re faced with spending up to $13 million on new voting machines for the November election, they’ve suddenly become penny-pinchers. Turns out, they were already budgeting to be $13 million in the red this year, and — wonder of wonders — they can’t afford to dig themselves deeper in the hole…