Where the Lime Spider Used to Rock, the Lockview Now Lounges

When the Lime Spider closed its doors earlier this fall, it wasn't just a sad day for Akron's music scene, but downtown's nightlife in general. Without the rock haunt's presence, locals were left with few options but yuppie bars and teen dance clubs. But we are happy to report that the Lime Spider's owners, Danny and Colette Basone, are reopening their doors today as the new Lockview Lounge. On Saturday, the mom and pop hosted a soft opening, offering up their huge array of cocktails and gourmet grilled cheese for the pleasure of old regulars and new customers alike. The interior has received a bit of a facelift since we last saw it. The stage has been ripped out, and freshly stained booths have been placed across from the bar, replacing the Lime Spider's quirky décor with a cozy, toned-down vibe. Always renowned for its extensive selection of beers, the bar now also boasts Hoegaarden, Great Lakes Christmas Ale, and Boddingtons on tap. The wine list has also been fleshed out with reasonably priced reds and whites, from Trumpeter Malbec at $5.25 a glass to Definitive Pinot Noir at less than $30 a bottle. The bar has also replaced its bill of rock bands with a fine culinary roster of gourmet grilled cheeses, from a creamy goat cheese, portabella mushroom and carmalized onion sandwich to a bacon, apple, and smoked cheddar offering, all of which will be available at lunch starting today. But don't be fooled: The clientèle is still largely composed of beer-guzzling rockers, thanks to one of the city's most impeccable jukeboxes, which blasts everything from the Pixies to Hank Williams. It's just at a much lower volume than it used to be. -- Denise Grollmus