World's First Chicken Paprikash Wine Tasting

If you're like us, fine art puts you in the mind for fine wine, or whatever cheap crap you got handy. But if you're quite a bit different from us, fine art also makes you think of Chicken Paprikash. And you're in luck. The Studio of 5 Rings -- downtown's only art gallery/winery -- will host a Chicken Paprikash Cook-Off on Saturday, January 20. Get to the gallery at 7 p.m., where the annual event hosted by Wayne and Diane Louis makes its 5 Rings debut. All are welcome to compete and/or dine; details are available at the 5 Rings website. The gallery says Chicken Paprikash was chosen for its rich ethnic background and multitude of varied recipes. Plus it goes down damn fine with abstract art, which will be served up courtesy of Don Cox. Pinot, paint, and Paprikash. Good God, somebody pinch me. -- Erich Burnett