Valley View: A Threat Against Dad

I grew up in Garfield Heights during the years of the dump's introduction and great growth. My father, Frank J. Debelak, was on the city council and was constantly at odds with the power players you mention in your article ["Tomb With a View," January 10]. I still remember the day I cam home from school and a police car was sitting out front of our house because my dad had received a very real threatening phone call — from the powers that be. When I was in high school, I was a part of a small group who went to the school board to protest the condition of the dump and how its paper and debris were flying through our parking lot, through our gym classes, and the smell was, as you would expect, outrageous. It was very obvious to a young person even then that this was a mess and would some day become a problem none of us would be able to solve. F. Allan Debelak Columbus