Varejao Wants Out -- Another Major Cleveland Story Broken by ESPN

Sadly, Anderson Varejao might have flopped his last flop for the Cavs.
It looks as if the end of the Sideshow Varejao story is nearing for the Cavaliers. In a phone interview with, the curly-haired wildman said that he wants to be traded. Despite his love for the fans and his teammates, Varejao has different feelings about GM Danny Ferry. As a restricted free agent, Wild Thing has been at the mercy of the Cavs in terms of contract talks. Cleveland could match any offer from another team and have refused to ink Varejao to the exorbitant $10 million to $11 million deal that he and his agent, Dan Fegan, have reportedly sought. (Varejao has denied those reports). Either way, the dispute has left Ferry and Varejao acting like jilted lovers arguing over hurt emotions and damaged egos -- only they get to do it on, while us mortals are stuck with late-night hang-up calls and Facebook stalking. Ferry even played the part of desperate boyfriend when he flew all the way to Brazil to surprise Varejao during training camp and try and get a deal done. All that was missing on the trip was a bouquet of roses and a crappy love poem. “I guess he thought if he just showed up, I would just sign whatever he gave me,” Varejao said in the ESPN report, adding that if Ferry really cared, he would have brought chocolates or something. All of which begs the very important question: What if Varejao wasn’t home? In the end, it didn’t matter, because Varejao refused Ferry’s desperate attempts to resolve the contract dispute. And, like any jilted boyfriend, Ferry took his lumps without telling anyone the embarrassing details. And because the 42 people who spend every day at the Cavs' practice facility with the sole charge of finding out what the hell's going on didn't find out that Varejao now wants out, we didn't know until yesterday. Now, thanks to ESPN's Chad Ford, we know. Somebody send that dude some flowers. -- Vince Grzegorek