Mayor Thinks Article Sucked

Mayor David Bentkowski with good friend Justin Timberlake
A voicemail from Seven Hills Mayor David Bentkowski to Scene editor Pete Kotz, in response "Seven Hills soap opera," the fourth item in this week's First Punch: "This is Mayor David Bentkowski from Seven Hills. I haven't seen the hard copy yet, but I just found this article about me online, and we have a real problem here, Pete. "The writer, Joe Tone, who has written numerous bad things about me in the past, attributes a law to me about county employees holding elected office. I vetoed that law! I made it clear to Joe Tone that I was vetoing it. I tape record all my phone calls, and the descriptions I gave Joe Tone regarding this story, what he's written is completely the opposite. I think he needs to be disciplined; I want to talk to you about that. "He references that until I recently lived with my parents. I haven't lived with my parents in almost four years. So we need to address this quickly because I've about had it, and I want a phone call from you as soon as possible. ... I'm not going to be besmirched on an item that I have nothing to do with, that I vetoed. When they should be applauding me, instead they're trying to pin this issue on me and I vetoed the thing. So please call me immediately. Thank you."