WTF? The beauty of the convention mart deal: You'll have no idea where the money went!

The convention mart deal is the kinda trough made for Jimmy Dimora
In their ongoing quest to blowtorch your wallet, then stomp it to death while doing Cherokee war cries, Cuyahoga County commissioners may have fashioned their worst deal yet to build a new convention center/medical mart in Cleveland. In an ongoing series, Ace Reporter Lisa Rab breaks down the absurdity of the deal for those of you scoring at home: Whenever civic leaders want you to pick up the tab for a new project, they inevitably trot out claims that thousands of new jobs will be created. Remember Gateway, when they told us it would create 27,000 new jobs? Or how about the fabulous Euclid corridor project, where a miracle bus route is supposed to create 9,000 jobs? …