What Cleveland School Administrator Turned Down the Metal Detector Request?

Please correct a big error of omission of reporter Laura Johnston's Plain Dealer news story about the downtown Cleveland school shootings. It states: "Charles Blackwell, president of the Student-Parent Organization, said that the group has petitioned the district for three years to get metal detectors and to restore a security gurad position that was taken away." But Laura omits the key fact of specically who in the administration decided to refuse to put in the metal detector, and why did they refuse. Obviously, a metal detetctor would have detected any guns anybody was carrying into the school, and is the only thing that could have definitely prevented this shooting. So assign a reporter today to ask those questions today of the school administration, and of school CEO Eugene Sanders and his boss, the nearly worthless Mayor Frank Jackson. All the mental health theories and treatments in the world do not stop guns from getting into schools, but metal detectors do, So who said no for three years to Charles Blackwell's group's requests for a metal detector? Publish the name of that person (or persons) and why he or she refused. The school district and Jackson are in a PR, not-our-fault mode. Go for it, or you miss the main point of the entire story. Jim Reynolds