PD sports columnists are the "dullest and laziest columnists in America"

Some of the wisest commentary to emerge from the punting of Sam Fulwood's column last week was uttered by Justice B. Hill — and it had nothing to do with Fulwood or his writing. According to this journalism blog, Hill is a senior writer with MLB.com and a Cleveland native, and he recently wrote an email to members of the National Association of Black Journalists. It included the following observation: "Not sure how many of you are familiar with The Plain Dealer. At best, it's a dull newspaper that shows none of the progressive, innovative thinking that marks the elite newspapers in America. Its Sports section has the two dullest and laziest columnists in America. Neither one of them speaks to a city that's more than 50-percent black. They don't under[stand] the issues, the personalities or literary themes that touch the souls of black folk." Now, since I have a lot of Paul Simon in my iPod, and since I look sort of like a drunken gerbil when I dance to "You Can Call Me Al," I'm probably not the best source for what touches the souls of black folk. But if black people are anything like me, they want their sports columnists to occasionally write two consecutive sentences that make some modicum of actual sense, a rare occurrence in the PD sports pages. So I must say, I think Justice and I are on the same page. — Joe P. Tone