A transvestite Nazi murderer?

What's wrong with you guys these days? A miniskirt wearing, hairy legged, gun toting man next to a urinal is your idea of a cover story feature? ("Cheating Death," December 6.) Two things immediately come to mind -- 1.) Why? and 2.) Who cares! If I was one of your "normal" advertisers, I'd be pissed. Who wants to read about a transvestite Nazi murderer? Almost hilarious. This may come as a shock to you, but there are plenty of us in Northeast Ohio that wish you'd go back to being an entertainment magazine like you used to be back in the day when people actually read Scene. How about interviewing major rock bands when they come through town? How about writing some concert reviews too? P.S. -- I did not read the cover story. Just like 99% of the city I'm sure. No one cares! What do you have planned for the next issue -- legalizing midget tossing? Hey, there's an idea for you. Some non transgendered and proud of it person in Wickliffe