Obey the Hair

Captain Hairdo Mel Kiper, draft analyst for ESPN, had Tony Romo going in the 5th round to the Browns. You know how that turned out.
Just as I prepared to click off the TV this morning, the cheery hosts of Cold Pizza, including the quasi-hot Dana Jacobsen, hooked me with a tease about Tony Romo and the 2003 NFL Draft. Romo has been all the rage since replacing Drew Bledsoe at quarterback and rescuing the Dallas Cowboys from an inevitable Bill Parcells shooting spree. The Cold Pizza folks wanted to look back to 2003, when Romo, who starred at powerful Eastern Michigan, was passed over by every NFL team through all seven rounds of the draft. So they enlisted The Hair�, also known as Mel Kiper Jr., ESPN's draft analyst. Kiper reported what now seems depressingly inevitable: that he had projected Romo to be drafted in the fifth round by — say it with me — your Cleveland Browns. But alas, the Browns went a different direction, drafting cornerback Michael Lehan in the fifth. Lehan — like six of the seven players drafted by the Browns that faithful year — is no longer in Cleveland. Meanwhile, Romo is busy outplaying Payton Manning, being compared to Tom Brady, and being linked, as they say in Hollywood, to Jessica Simpson. If only they would've listened to Mel. -- Joe P. Tone