Kucinich and His Human Pot of Gold: Post gets gross with romance tale

Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich on the campaign trail, as portrayed by the Washington Post.
Today, the Washington Post solidified its brave new image as Tiger Beat for confused middle-aged left-wingers, with a swooning, uber-fluffy account of Dennis Kucinich’s romance with his yes-she’s-hot-I-know-it’s-wierd wife, Elizabeth. He’s the 61-year old runt of the congressional litter. When he’s not perfecting his sandal tan as he stumps in Hawaii, Dennis is known mostly for his comical squeals when lashed with rat tails in the House of Representatives’ locker room before votes. Elizabeth is a 30-year old, WNBA-tall Brit who apparently resembles “Boticelli’s Venus,” but since we don’t know what that is, we’ll just say she looks like a real-life Jessica Rabbit. That’s really all the story you need to know; it’s sort of like a Leprechaun in the Hood meets English Patient tale that does not need to be told, especially in the vaunted pages of the Post. But Libby Copeland felt otherwise, penning a whimsical profile that reads like it was written with a feather dipped in a quill, and should have Fabio riding a stallion on the cover. Consider their account of their first meeting in his Congressional office, as told to Copeland from — where else? — in front of an inn’s fireplace: