Life in the city... and buck naked yoga

While hard-core runners were tackling the Cleveland Marathon on Sunday, I was busy jogging around my Ohio City neighborhood. It’s only a couple of miles, but I consider this endeavor much more challenging, because you never know when someone might steal your wallet or try to have sex with you. On this run, I learned something new about the thugs in my neighborhood: They are not familiar with the concept of karma. The glass front door of There’s No Place Like Om, a yoga studio on Detroit Avenue, had been shattered. Who tries to rip off a yoga studio? What thief needs rubber mats that badly? So I called Buck Harris, who runs the studio. “Last month they got my sound system,” he said calmly. “It’s life in the city.” He simply called the incident “a pain in the ass.” Speaking of asses, while he had me on the phone, Harris told me about a new class he is offering: Buck Naked Yoga. He started it this month. It’s exactly what it sounds like. His first few classes sold out. “We were literally cheek to cheek.” After a short break, the classes will start back up at 7 p.m. on June 11th and will continue every Monday throughout the summer. They cost $10. Visit Buck’s web site or call him at 216/409-4161 to sign up. – Joe P. Tone