Get 'Tuit' tonight at Parma's BamBoozles

If you’ve never been through boot camp, BamBoozles, an otherwise friendly dive bar in Parma, is the closest thing to it on Tuit Night Thursdays. Between 8 and 10 p.m., barmaid Sandi Powell will play the same prank she’s been pulling on customers for nearly 25 years. Whenever someone orders a drink, she plunks down a wooden token with the word “tuit” burned into it – as in, she’ll get “tuit” when she gets “tuit.” She even slams the bar with an attitude. “You’ll get your drink when I get to it,” she says, with a cockiness only a drill sergeant would appreciate. And it will probably be worth the wait, considering the menu: $1.50 well drinks. $1 draft beers, top-shelf booze between $2 and $5. Customers do actually have to wait for well drinks and beer, but servers don’t waste any time delivering the top-shelf stuff. And while the slamming of the “tuit” is Powell’s little joke, it’s also necessary. “We’re that busy,” says Powell. “But there are no hard feelings, because it doesn’t take that long for us to make you happy.” Find out for yourself at 5515 Broadview Road in Parma, or call 216-741-2813 for more info. – Cris Glaser