You Massacred the Cop

I'd like to comment on the article that you wrote regarding the cop who allegedly threatened his supposed ex-girlfriend and son ["Caught on Tape," February 21]. I find it humorous, yet disgusting, that reporters can massacre people's lives in the media. Seriously, have you done any research on these two people, especially on that girl's family? Obviously you've gotten some quotes from the cop and it's quite obvious that you didn't speak with "Snow White." Do you really think that guy was baking cookies at his parents' house? This guy tried to kill his girlfriend!! Come on, that's a joke in itself and I feel embarassed for you for writing that. It's obvious that you attempted to get both sides of the story, but ending your article with those words? Like, that's all there is in this screwed up case, just putting the final nail in the coffin. It's obvious that "Snow White" likes to live off of the government and that now again all of us will be paying for it. Sounds like this guy, no matter what kind of monster you portray him to be, wants what is best for his son. You and all of your so-called reporters are making it difficult for that to happen. Stay out of their lives, go about your business, and give them a chance to put back together what's been damaged. You are just as guilty for the continuing hurt that is being brought to this child. It seems that this cop took the time to speak to you, and you massacred him again, reliving this thing over and over. I think your article was in very poor taste, because he trusted you and you betrayed him. Madeline Adler