The Chocolate Emporium: Where calorie counters can cool off

Last night, as the temperature dipped into the 90s and half of Cleveland Heights found themselves without electricity, there seemed only one way to cool off: ice cream. But normal ice cream has, like, tons of fat and stuff, which is not advisable when one plans to spend the rest of the weekend in a bikini. But last night, a friend and I discovered the secret hang-out of calorie-obsessed teenagers everywhere: Chocolate Emporium (14486 Cedar Road; (216) 382-0140), a small, tucked away, delicious-smelling store that specializes in sugar-free delicacies, including an eight calorie frozen yogurt, uncreatively known as “only 8 .” That’s right: frozen yogurt that contains only eight calories-per-ounce, which is fewer calories than a tomato. The totally healthy treat contains eight ingredients: water, fructose, kosher whey, whey protein concentrate, maltodextrin, natural flavorings, calcium, and active yogurt cultures. And their cocoa-flavored soft serve is simply amazing: light, airy, creamy, and sufficiently cocoa-y. You totally can’t tell it’s so low in fattening stuff. Which is why we each got an extra-large serving. – Fat-free Correspondent Rebecca Meiser