Imus gives NY headline writers a chance to hit the long ball

Don Imus gets the "heave-ho"
I'm grateful that Don Imus made an ass of himself on his radio show. Why? It's given the New York tabloids a chance to flex their headline writing muscles. Imus is like a fastball down the middle for headline writers. A gift from the news gods. Rarely do they have a villain and the opportunity to use the word "ho" in a headline. So I went to the Web sites of the two New York bastions of sensationalism with glee this morning. The results of my exploration, however, were a mixed bag. The New York Daily News chose to go the safe route with the rather vanilla "I-Mess! Don is booted for 2 weeks." Frankly, I give it a 2 out of 10. Short on creativity and short on potential. No mention of ho. No vicious berating. I felt like a kid on Halloween who opens up his bag to find it filled with raisins and apples. So I went to the New York Post hoping to recoup the minute and 33 seconds of time I invested in this endeavor. And there it was splashed on the front page: "Don Ho!" Yes! It was followed by another headline that read: "Imus gets the old 'heave-ho." — T.K. Kim