The Secret Lives of DJs

We often ask Cleveland DJs how they make a living beyond record-spinning into the wee hours. Most of the time, they work respectable jobs like website construction, bookkeeping, and exotic dancing. But we were taken aback by DJ John Bomba at Sea Level on Madison -- not that he's a salesman, but by what he sells: buttons. Tons of 'em.
John Bomba can help you score one of these beauties.
Bomba peddles one-inch-round buttons with 1,000 different designs of rock and punk stars. He hawks them through Myspace and eBay, through which he reportedly makes a pretty coin. (This summer, a bidder shelled out 40 clams for five Elvis buttons.) Bomba plans to expand his entrepreneurial spirit by opening a punk bar within the next six months. "I want a place where punk bands can have somewhere to play," says the 30-year-old Parma native. "Punk outweighs everything." -- Cris Glaser