Vindication for Maurice Carthon?

Maurice Carthon
Two weeks have passed since Maurice Carthon was mercifully relieved from his duties as Browns offensive coordinator. Dear Lord, he must be happy about that. Can you imagine a job more built for failure? That's like being the Sobriety Coordinator for the Family Values tour. Of course, no one wanted to admit this when Carthon still had the job. Back then, it was all on him. But now that the collective brain of the sports world, which has terrible short term memory issues, has forgotten about Carthon, it's all coming to light. In fact, it all came to light on one series on Sunday: the Browns were up two points but stacked against their own goal line. Reuben Droughns hadn't dented the Chargers' front seven all game. But new O coordinator Jeff Davidson, who apparently drew the short straw, called three dives in a row. And did anyone criticize him? Nope. In fact, The PD's Bud Shaw all but applauded him. Because by now, we've all figured out what Carthon probably already knew: When you put the ball in Charlie Frye's hands — whether he's in the pocket or, as everyone wants him to be, "out on the edge" — he's gonna cough it up. And if he keeps coughing it up, the fans are going to start looking toward the sidelines for a backup. And they're going to see a kid named Ken Dorsey. And that, folks, is what you might call a PR problem. — Joe P. Tone