Reporter weighs in on PD's demise

This email arrrived from a guy named "Reporter Bob." After conducting extensive research to verify its veracity -- which entailed three guys sitting around saying, "Hey, whattaya think?" -- we concluded that "Reporter Bob" is not his real name, but a clever pseudonym created by a PD reporter to hide his identity. His missive: Do you wonder why Ted Diadiun gets the space he gets to tell readers absolutely nothing? Who cares what Teddy thinks should be on the front pages? The decision is Darryl Kannenberg's. And if your not a favorite of his, you are buried inside. How much is Teddy reaping by setting up a reader network? Look at other reader reps around the country. At least they have something to say. Why did Darryl choose to run a story about poor people in Ohio Applachia this week? Aren't there enough poor people in Cleveland? Why are we omiiting hard hitting stories that rattle the leaves? Instead we put a Metro cover story this week about a damn horse jumping competition. That shit should have been in the Sports where the reporter works. It's truly amazing that pictur editor, Jeff Greene, has that much power. You could have the shittiest story of thne day, but hey if the photo is great, it's a cover story. Who gives a shit about a ore machine that graced the cover today. Ask Doug, Tom or Ellen or better yet Eggers, why are so many young people bolting from the paper by taking the buyouts? People with 7 years or less are fleeing. That says something. We're screwed. The PD has become a fluff newspaper. It's a dark day in Cleveland's history. Reporter Bob Ohio