Music Poll: Who Are Bigger Dicks?

Crazy Town: big dicks.
Part of my job as music editor is compiling the Top 10 radio playlists that appear in the printed version of Scene every week. After inputting Buckcherry's "Everything" for what seems like the zillionth time, I e-mailed music-dude co-worker D.X. Ferris the following question: Who are bigger dicks: Buckcherry or Crazy Town? Our exchange follows. DX: that's one for the ages. they both epically suck. I'm gonna say crazy town, because their shtick is more of an affectation. by a hair. at least "crazy bitch" is sincere rock & roll bullshit. ME: so is "lit" or "pretty lit up" or "i love the cocaine" or whatever that damn song was called. DX: something about that "we be the over-pierced sensitive tattooed guys who'll probably date-rape you if given the opportunity" shit seems forced, you know? So we're asking you, readers, in Scene's first-ever music poll: Who are bigger dicks? --Michael Gallucci
Who are bigger dicks?
Crazy Town
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