One lucky fan to name Missy Elliot's new album. Millions others to submit totally inappropriate suggestions

For her next album, Missy Elliot is expected to have listeners just write the damn songs.
Thought Miss E . . . So Addictive and The Cookbook were lame-ass titles for Missy Elliott albums? (We sure did). Think you can do better? (Hell yeah!) Well, we're all in luck. The R&B/hip-hop supastar is letting fans name her new CD, which is due this spring. Starting yesterday and running through February 20, creative types are invited to submit their choices on Elliott’s website. The winner snags bragging rights and a $500 Adidas gift card, to be spent on a track-suit that accentuates your many but marvelous curves. You can hear Missy’s new single, “Ching-A-Ling,” on her MySpace page. With any luck, you’ll find inspiration in its lyrics: “Sex so good, I can freak you in my sleep/Pockets more bigger than a stripper’s booty cheeks.” We call shotgun on Booty Cheeks! -- Michael Gallucci