Porn star whips frat boy's butt

Janine Lindemulder
Porn star Janine Lindemulder showed Diamond Men's Club an ass-whipping good time Friday Night. The Vivid Vixen, best known for her work in Where the Boy's Aren't as well as starring as the naughty nurse in a Blink-182 video, took the stage at approximately 12:45 p.m. to the tune of Pantera's "Walk," which amped up a surprisingly multi-gendered crowd. Janine wore a leather biker outfit that brought to mind her failed marriage to Jesse James, the tattooed gearhead from Monster Garage. Next on the set list was Godsmack's "Voodoo," and Janine certainly lived up to the song's dark, tribal undertones by breaking out a squirt bottle of glow paint and dousing her undulating breasts, which one lady in attendance described as "one of the best boob jobs I've ever seen." Then it was time for the crowd participation portion of the evening. Janine reached into the audience and pulled up a well-muscled babe who looked like a more feminine version of the WWE's Chyna. Much to the crowd's delight, Janine had her way with the (barely) clothed she-babe. Less popular was the next portion of the act, in which Janine tried to coax a shy girl into displaying her goodies. When the rolls of flesh began spilling out from under her shirt, it became readily apparent where her reluctance stemmed from. The less said about it the better. The evening was capped off with Janine reaching into the crowd to bring an incredibly enthusiastic twentysomething guy on the stage. Given Janine's propensity toward the fairer sex, it was somewhat surprising that she would bring a guy onstage, especially one who looked like he was representing Ai Coppa Feela. But Janine's true intentions quickly became clear as she ripped the kid's polo to shreds, pantsed him, revealing a package that could best be described as "like a baby bird in a nest," then proceeded to lap him down and whip his ass raw with his own leather belt. When Janine was through, the shirtless man was at first threatened with ejection, for he was now violating the club's "no shirt" rule. His friend stepped in to save him by proffering his own polo, leaving him standing somewhat unfashionably in his undershirt. Whether the Frat Boy's relationship with his fiancee can be salvaged is still very much an open question. He had flown all the way from Dallas just to see Janine, and he apparently did so in the company of his fiancee's best friend, who was said to be in tears over the ass-whipping performance. --Kevin Hofffman