Investing in Randy Newsom: Even Major League Baseball Thinks it's Dumb

Randy Newsom, prospective pro-prospect prospector.
Last week, I wrote about investing in Randy Newsom, a minor league baseball player in the Indians’ organization who wanted to sell shares of his future Major League earnings. I’d plunked $20 on Newsom’s future, an investment that did little to dissuade my girlfriend from believing that I’m a certified dumb ass. Well as of today, I’m $20 less dumb-ass. This morning, Newsom’s Real Sports Investments emailed to inform me that they are refunding me and the rest of the morons who bet on the future of a 25-year-old right-handed reliever. As it turns out, Major League Baseball has some questions about the company. Shocking, I know. Check out RSI’s email below while I go figure out how I’m going to drunkenly heckle Newsom in Akron this summer without being able to say, “I own you!” ...