The Woes of the White Rapper

Johnny La Rock got no time for race in his rap
Scene contributor Fast Eddie Fleisher, also known by the nom de rap Johnny La Rock, weighs in on the whole white rapper thing, as seen on VH1, and recently discussed in this very blog: As a fan of hip-hop and a "white rapper" myself, I am severely offended by VH1's The White Rapper Show. First off, here's a network that wouldn't even play rap videos for the longest time. It's only in the past few years that they've suddenly embraced the genre. However, it seems that by embracing it, they're also ruining it. Maybe that's the plan. Look at what they did with Flavor Flav. It's all negative images of hip-hop. They're exploiting the down sides. Now they've done it again with another lame reality show based on finding the next great white rapper. Could that title be any more racist? Since when is it cool to name what someone does by adding their race in front of it? Should that even matter? An MC is an MC regardless of their race. If they have what it takes, color shouldn't matter in the slightest. The show is hosted by MC Serch (of 3rd Bass), who I used to admire. However, it looks like he's hit some hard times financially and is willing to sell his soul for some easy cash. I mean, with all the shit he faced for the color of his skin when he came up, you'd think he would steer clear of keeping the label alive. Hip-hop is so big now, it's a multi-cultural experience. It's not closed to one group of people. In fact, white people have been a huge part (mostly behind the scenes in the past) of the art-form since it started. This is a genre that was based on unity, not segregation. Furthermore, there's a lot of different types and styles of rappers. The casting people at VH1 apparently aren't clear on that. Or, they thought it'd be funny to take a bunch of white dudes who try to talk black and act completely unnatural. Thanks a lot. It's hard enough battling that negative stereotype when I tell people I make hip-hop. People seem to think rap is one-sided. Now, with this stupid show, MORE people are going to think that way. MC Serch, VH1, and everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves. Hip-hop deserves better. For information on a compilation I am putting together to spotlight hip-hop from a different perspective, check out my website. And yes, the disc has several white rappers. — Eddie Fleisher