The New Zack Reed

Our favorite Hammered Councilman, Zack Reed, showed up for a pre-trial hearing in his DUI case this afternoon with a Bible in hand and 12 Steps on his lips. Waiting for the judge to arrive, he spent a few minutes chatting with a reporter about HBO’s The Wire -- this after spending New Year's Eve watching a marathon of Law and Order. Television, it seems, is the new getting wasted on West Sixth and hitting on anything with heels. After a brief interlude of actual (although inconsequential) legal proceedings, Reed was surrounded by the usual throng of TV cameras. In his trademark dark suit and freshly barbered hair, he looked almost at home in the spotlight, except for the creep of exhaustion, and even contrition, in his voice. Yesterday, he buried an aunt who had a long battle with alcoholism. He says he’s lost three relatives that way. And after 28 days in a rehab program at the Cleveland Clinic, he’s determined he won’t be next. He’s pledging to go to regular AA meetings and even have his urine checked every week. “We’re gonna deal with this. We’re gonna make it through,” he says. As for his job on Council, Reed has no intention of leaving. His next appearance in court is not slated until the end of February, so he’s got plenty of time to keep preaching the gospel of redemption before any legal decisions are made. “Resignation’s not even an option," he says. "It’s gonna make me a better councilman." -- Lisa Rab