God Saved Her from Garfield Heights

What a wonderful article ["Tomb With a View," January 10]. Thank you for bringing things to light that the people of Garfield Heights have known for a long time. I lived in Garfield Heights for almost 39 years. There are many health problems within the city. By the grace of God, I no longer live there and neither do my children. During the time the dump was being "readied" to build, many residents, including myself, called the EPA and the Health Department to be told things were safe. I was invited to go to the dump with the fire department to see the local readings they were doing. I questioned about the dangers they were not testing for and was told that nobody could offer a guarantee of anything. My oldest child at age 13 developed a hypothyroidism, asthma and GERD all within a few months during this time. I have lupus, my sisters have lupus, and my oldest sister is very sick with a still undiagnosed problem, originally thought to be MS, but now maybe lymphoma. We will wait and see. There are many cases of MS we have heard of from familes we grew up with. Thank you for this wonderful article. You have courage and so does Scene. Thank you, thank you. Bonnie Zimmerman Lenexa, Kan.