Get Wasted With Municipal Waste: An interview

The last time Municipal Waste played town, the young lads that sing “Headbanger Face Rip” (see above) had an after-party at Now That’s Class (11213 Detroit Ave., 216-221-8576). This time around, the crossover revivalists are just playing the club -- no need to follow them across town if you want to tips a few brews with the nation’s leading party-thrash band, who, it turns out are huge fans of C-Town. “The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame sucks balls,” frontman Tony Foresta told Scene last time. “But the people there are cool.” This time, he went into some detail: Who do you know? [Cheap Tragedies frontman and scene veteran] Tony Erba, he’s a good friend. He’s an evil genius. [Now That’s Class co-owner] John Bomba, we stayed at his house and partied. Jim Konya, from Schnauzer. He’s in Nunslaughter too, and a million other sweet-ass bands. There’s some killer people that live in Cleveland. Every time we go there, it’s crazy. And the Parma kids are maniacs. How’d the new album shape up? I like it better. I think it’s more aggressive, and the songwriting’s better. [Noted metalcore mixologist] Zeuss produced it - that seems like a weird match. He’s an old-school thrash dude. He was really into it. You could just tell in his eyes: He was really stoked to work with us. That’s a great thing to have. He knew what we wanted, he didn’t try to push his thing onto us. It sounds like a Waste album, but a little bit of a bigger sound. Do you think that the thrash revival is going to last? I think in the next five years, it’s gonna get way better. Already, there are so many thrash bands with young kids popping up. It’s getting out of control. You can see it with the kids - more kids are running around in denim with Slayer patches on it. They don’t want to listen to crappy new bands that were inspired by other crappy bands. Kids are like, ‘Damn, I want to listen to the old shit. This is good.’ Why do you think people are suddenly responding to thrash? The aggression, I think. There’s no bullshitting around. Just bam, bam, BAM. It gets to the point and gets the hell out of there. A lot of people have short attention spans now. No three-minute guitar solos. Just get in, get out. - D.X. Ferris