Jesus for Sale: Readers Respond to our Rex Humbard Story

Excerpts from a few of the phone calls that came in responding to last week's cover story, "Jesus For Sale,” the tale of Rex Humbard's not-so-Godly invention of scam televangelism. Angley’s Healing a Hoax “I found out a lot of stuff about this man that I never knew about. I had an opportunity to meet this man in 1980, two years before he left for Florida, and from meeting him I thought he was charming, nice and friendly, but apparently he had other motives. The other one, Ernest Angley – well, my wife and I were down there in 1980, at Angley’s Ministry, and my wife was supposedly healed of cerebral palsy. Well, my wife was born with it and she didn’t get healed. She still has it 27 years later. God in Cleveland? “Just finished reading your Scene article on Rex Humbard. While some of it is true, some of it is not true. You certainly have a right to your opinion and right to write it, but what I will say to you is this – that you just keep watching because God is getting ready to do some fantastic, awesome things and he does choose to use people to work through and when all of this begins to happen, God is going to do many, many, many miracles and wonders in different cities and Cleveland is one of them. You can blow me off as some kook, but let me tell you something – God is getting ready to pour out a demonstration of power through the power of his holy spirit through the vessels of human beings, and when that begins to happen, I have your number and I’m going to call you and we will sit down and talk about this. May God forgive you for the things you wrote about, may god have mercy on all of us, because he is getting ready to pour out his power and his glory in this city and may God help us to turn to him. In Jesus’ name. Amen.” Catholics are Just as Bad “Hello, my name is Rita, and I’m almost 78 years old. I read your article about Rex Humbard in the Scene Magazine. Bravo to you. You told the truth. And I like the one about Angley, and I think you should write more about Angley and something on the Catholic Church still promising indulgences through prayer cards, so I thought I’d call you and if you are interesting in speaking with me, you know, it’s difficult to get ahold of me, because I’m always out in my garden with the real God. Thank you very much.” We Need More Church Investigations “Kudos to your article. Pretty good investigation into what this person was truly about and televangelism and what it has unfortunately come to be. My only question is, if in the future, if you continue delving into this area about what is currently happening with these rackets – well, you quoted James Randi, who I know about, he is a debunker, and he’s right, someone in the government should come out against this, but unfortunately we won’t see that happening anytime soon. That’s why we need writers who have the insight and know how to bring this forth for the public to be informed. Just exposing this is really enlightening. Being Catholic, too, the Catholic church has gotten its share of the blame as well, and deservedly so. So good luck.”