Rejoice! Discount Botox Night is this Saturday!

On Saturday, February 16th, the Clear Choice Laser Center -- the match-making masterminds behind Cleveland's one and only "eye-gazing party" -- is hosting yet another weird event. Women are invited to come, eat chocolate, and leave with newly frozen faces. Welcome to Botox night. Apparently injecting bacteria into your eyebrows is not just for 50-year-olds who want to be 25-year-old actresses from LA anymore. “We didn’t know what kind of response to expect,” says Bill Schneider, general manager of Clear Choice. “But we were greatly surprised the to see how many people were interested.” Women will hear a presentation on the benefits of Botox. Afterward, a surgeon will be available to offer treatments at $11 a unit. (A typical treatment involves 16-32 units.) To RSVP: 440-740-0400. – Rebecca Meiser