Remember those Believe in Cleveland ads? Never Mind.

Remember the good old days, when The Plain Dealer helped launch the Believe in Cleveland ad campaign, which included Cleveland Clinic CEO Toby Cosgrove? Apparently, they were just kidding. Now that PD Publisher Terrance C.Z. Egger has joined the Clinic’s board of trustees, strange things have been happening on his newspaper’s editorial page. Take the news, which surfaced last week, that the Clinic’s Lerner College of Medicine might drop its affiliation with Case Western and hook up with Columbia University instead. In the world of medical schools, this was viewed as a major bitch-slap to our hometown university. Hooking up with the Clinic helped rake in some serious research cash for Case scholars, and didn’t hurt the school’s reputation either. More importantly, Case is just down the street from the Clinic. This is what neighborly hospitals and medical schools tend to do — work together to benefit themselves and residents of their city. But now the Clinic wants to ditch Case for a school nearly 500 miles away? In New York, of all places, where they charge $10 for a Pabst? The PD editorial writers realize all this. They just couldn’t say it, perhaps because their boss is now in bed with the Clinic. The best criticism they could muster in a recent editorial was: “It will be disappointing if the Clinic ends its affiliation with [Case].” – Lisa Rab