In Kent, The Only Thing Worse Than a Killer is a Buzz-Killing Judge

In this week's First Punch, we reported that Kent's most popular night of debauchery might be marred thanks to a silly decade old urban legend. Thankfully, as we report, it turns out that there will be no Halloween massacre as co-eds in lingerie, which they will refer to as "costumes," down ruffied Jell-O shots. But that doesn't mean that Kent's Halloween festivities will go down without a hitch. They will indeed, thanks not to a serial killer, but Kent police and Municipal Judge John Plough, The Scariest Judge in America. Today, the Akron Beacon Journal reported that Kent police would be beefing up its force for the special night, focusing largely on underage drinking. More than 50 police officers, including a SWAT team, will be on hand to handle rowdy revelers. Those arrested shouldn't expect much leniency from Judge Plough, either. Notorious for his harsh sentencing of drug and alcohol offenders, Plough will open court on Sunday at 1 p.m. to quickly deal with Halloween party-goers. DUI offenders can expect a mandatory year of active probation, while all alcohol offenders are promised to be fitted with a stylish alcohol monitoring anklet, whether convicted or not. Party on! -- Denise Grollmus