You, Too, Can Dress Like a Gay Biker


Following in the haute couture footsteps of Diddy and Avril Lavigne, former Judas Priest frontman Ron Halford is launching a clothing company.

Metal God Apparel includes plenty of fashionable T-shirts — many of them graced with skulls, wings and demonic-looking creatures, natch — for men and women.

Best of all, the new line features some pretty awesome names, as far as T-shirts go: Steel Wings, Cerberus, Iron Cross, Thunder God and (my favorite) the simply titled yet effective Studs & Spikes.

No word on whether or not Halford actually wears any of these items, since we've never really seen him in a T-shirt. Leather with, um, Studs and Spikes is more his thing.

The first batch of items ship in mid-June. —Michael Gallucci