Mushroomhead: (The) Skinny on New Album, New Look


We caught up with Mushroomhead last week. The local art-metal kings talked about their upcoming dates opening for the Slayer/Marilyn Manson tour, where they'll be filling in for Bullet for My Valentine.

And we got an update on the new album from mainman Skinny and guitarist Gravy. Wednesday, you can visit — or, hell, pick up the paper — and read the Around Hear column for the scoop.

It was a good talk, but the article didn't have room for all the group's latest developments.

Skinny also told C-Notes the band is revamping its trademark commando-from-hell stage costumes to go with the new record. According to Skinny, his new look will be based on the old-school gasmask style.

"It's cartoon-creeped-out," he said.

The designs are still in progress, but we commissioned an exclusive artist's rendition of the mask, based on Skinny's description.

Follow the link to see how we think it'll look. —D.X. Ferris