Republic Steel Oil Spill Reported in Lorain County's Black River

WIkipedia, Republic Steel plant
The U.S. Coast Guard reports that they are responding to a spill of mixed petroleum products in Lorain, Ohio.

In an official press release, the Coast Guard said it was notified of an "oil sheen" caused by the spillage shortly after 10 a.m. The spill was estimated at 20 gallons and was said to consist of "mixed petroleum products, including hydraulic and waste oils," at the Republic Steel plant.

In accordance with the Clean Water Act, a facility must report a spill to the federal government if "discharges cause a sheen or discoloration on the surface of a body of water." In this instance, a failed sump pump at the facility was the reported cause of the spill. It released the petroleum products into a creek connected to the Black River.

Via the Coast Guard's statement, a contractor has been hired by Republic Steel to begin clean-up operations, and the area has been boomed off.

"The Coast Guard is coordinating with the U.S. EPA and the Ohio EPA to ensure the released product is quickly and effectively removed from the river," the statement read.