Bret Michaels Won't Sue Tonys for His Screw-Up

Remember the Bret Michaels incident at the Tony Awards earlier this month? Surely, you saw the above video and laughed your ass off like we did, even if you didn't catch it live (because, really, who watches the Tony Awards?).

We just got some breaking news from People magazine, which is reporting that the Poison frontman and star of VH1 skankfest Rock of Love won't be suing the Tony Awards for something that was his fault.

You might remember that Michaels was singing one of his awful songs at the Tony Awards on June 7 when a stage prop was lowered from the ceiling, knocking Michaels on his ass and fracturing his nose and splitting his lip.

A couple days after the accident, Michaels issued a statement saying he "missed his mark." So even though he admitted to, you know, fucking up, apparently there was some talk of Michaels suing the Tonys for the mishap.

But Michaels has come to his senses, telling People he's "taking the high road" and decided not to sue. Good thing. We wouldn't a bunch of legal documents distracting him when he sings all those crappy Poison songs at Blossom next week. —Michael Gallucci