Stormy Daniels is Coming to Make Cleveland Horny

Stormy Daniels has added two nights at the Diamond's men's club in Cleveland to her Make America Horny Again tour as she makes the rounds following news of her affair with President Donald Trump, the secret payoff she received from his lawyer, the dress with evidence that she kept and is now trying to sell, and whatever other crazy details from the liaison that make headlines every other day or so.

A press release notes that it's been ten years since she last performed at the club. Time flies, right?

Anyway, Daniels will be at Diamond's June 29th and 30th.

If you think you might want to check out Stormy in person, do be warned what you're getting yourself into. A report from a recent performance in Tampa sums it up nicely: Daniels danced for ten minutes then charged $20 apiece for photos. Said one dancer to the reporter on hand from the Tampa Bay Times, "The show was boring and outdated."