CDs Ain't Dead Yet


Good news for old-school CD fans (yeah, it's come to that): People are still buying CDs! At least they're buying Michael Jackson CDs, according to Billboard.

It's no big surprise that Jackson's records top the album chart this week. Number Ones and Thriller are the big winners, but they're on the Catalog Album chart, since the Billboard 200 ranks albums recently released albums (like that Black Eyed Peas record at the top).

But here's the real shocker: 82 percent of those sales were CDs! Not digital downloads!

That's a pretty significant stat when you consider industry folks have been gabbing about the death of the CD for years now. Not sure where people are actually buying these albums since so many "record stores" have been shuttered over the past few years (Walmart musta been packed). Also not sure what music fan doesn't already own Thriller. —Michael Gallucci