SpongeBob 10th Anniversary Doc on VH1 Tonight: LeBron Proclaims His Love


After Delonte West's correspondent piece for Jim Rome is Burning, we knew he was a fan of SpongeBob. Well, apparently LeBron is too. Tonight, VH1 will air a documentary celebrating the show's ten anniversary. You'll hear from a bunch of kids and celebrities and others who just can't get enough of the show, including The King.

Judging by the roster of fawning superfans on "Square Roots," this is some "cult" to have. Comic Ricky Gervais, deadpanning to the camera, says: "I like the fact that he's porous. I like the fact he wears pants." LeBron James, the gazillionaire NBA hoopster, cites his respect for Mr. Krabs (intriguingly, the show's resident tightwad) before pivoting into the infectiousness of Squidward Tentacles's laugh.