A Few Thoughts on Eric Wedge — Your Fifth Longest Tenured MLB Manager

Did you know only four current managers have been the manager of their respective teams longer than Eric Wedge has been managing the Indians?

Four. Can you guess? Eric Wedge is nowhere near these guys' levels.

Four guys longer active tenure with their current team than Wedgie.

Bobby Cox. Mike Scioscia. Ron Gardenhire. Tony LaRussa. That wasn't hard. You knew that.

But that's it. Every other team has switched managers since Wedge came to the helm of the Tribe in 2003.

How does his W/L record stack up against those four in just the years 2003-Present?

Tony LaRussa: 588-477 (.552). Gardenhire: 575-490 (.539). Bobby Cox: 568-496 (.533) . Mike Scioscia: 599-463 (.564).

Eric Wedge?

After the Tribe's loss last night, he again dipped to one game under .500: 532-533.

This isn't a call for Wedge's job. That will be taken care of soon enough after this miserable season is over. Just interesting, every once in awhile, to look back and admire what the team hath wrought the last six years.