CD Review: Our Lady Peace

Burn Burn (Coalition/ILG)

Our Lady Peace charted a few modern-rock hits in the '90s and then quickly dropped off the radar. Like their last studio album, 2005's Healthy in Paranoid Times, and 2002's Gravity, Burn Burn, the group's seventh record, is tailored for mainstream success, built on arena-ready melodies and radio-friendly rock hooks. But the album, which takes its name from a Jack Kerouac quotation, is decidedly better than its two recent predecessors. "The End Is Where We Begin" surges with epic-sounding guitar riffs and frontman Raine Maida's urgent vocals, while disc opener "All You Did Was Save My Life" is a precise rock song with a driving, calculated hook. Burn Burn is generic-sounding, its songs coming off like dozens of other radio-rock songs. Maida's production is clean and polished, but the tunes still resonate with impassioned energy. All but their devoted fan base may have forgotten OLP, but this record is a reminder of what they're capable of. Emily Zemler